Anonymous: Can you be my top...? 

of course babe!

Anonymous: Post more naked bed pictures;) 

they all look the same haha

Anonymous: You're so cute I'd let you be the one to give me Aids 


Anonymous: Id fuck you without a condom 

no you better wrap that shit up nice and tight

Anonymous: Post a dick piccccc 

i don’t wanna go to work and i have nothing to wear :(

Anonymous: don't post any nude pictures or anything. you're going to make an amazing spouse one day and your husband won't want people seeing those. :) 

he’ll probably think it’s funny and make fun of how problematic i was. then we’ll take our own nudes together and make a blog to show off and make all the single gays jealous

Anonymous: Do you like puke? 

you’re so annoying bruh

Anonymous: Do you like shit? 


Anonymous: Do you like piss? 


Anonymous: Do you like feet?